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19 Nov 2012

B2C Electronic Commerce 2011 (2012 Edition)

The National Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society is a body attached to the public corporate entity Red.es, the main objective of which is the monitoring and analysis of the Telecommunications and Information Society sector.

ONTSI prepares, gathers, synthesises and systematises indicators, prepares studies and offers informative and updated services relating to the Information Society and is currently the leading public Observatory of the Information Society in Spain.

B2C Electronic Commerce 2011 (2012 Edition)

The economic context during 2011 has been one of stagnation. Even so, B2C e-commerce in Spain has grown considerably this year. In absolute terms, the estimated figure for the total turnover in the sector is €10.917 billion, up 19.8% from 2010. In 2010 the sector grew 17.4% compared to 2009, with a more favourable economic backdrop. This confirms that e-commerce is a young form of business in the midst of expansion and growth, even in adverse economic conditions. This year the total growth in the sector is mainly due to a sharp increase in the number of Internet purchasers (20.2%).

More info: B2C Electronic Commerce 2011 (2012 Edition)

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